Born Dexter Jerome Hallman-Sneed, on August 21, 1970 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Blakfist was raised, along with his other siblings under the roof of his mother and grandmother, in the projects of Bossier City. In his self-written book (currently in production) entitled “From A Seed To A Souljah™” he describes the projects in his words, “For one the grass was always green, I mean if it was greener on the other side, in other words if life was better in other neighborhoods or more abundant I didn’t feel it or realize it. I mean growing up in the projects was okay for me. I had my niggaz, basketball and baseball I mean it was alright for me.” To understand the complexities of the man you must gain an understanding of the paths that shaped him. At the age of fourteen he moved out to the west coast, California- Los Angeles, and to bring it home even more- South Central. South Central at that time was HOT, hotter than the California sun that beamed seemingly almost 24/7. The 80’s were a decade of violence for probably more than 95% of the urban cities and as Blakfist would find out at the impressionable age of fourteen, South Central was like night and day when compared to the solitude of the south. In the words of Blakfist, A.O.D- Adapt Or Die, “It’s A.O.D. in everything I do” and adapt he did. After a few weeks into his new surroundings he found himself in and apart of the gang life and during that time it had such an influential effect on the black youth, that it seemed like a pre-requisite into adulthood. A few years passed and as we move to the time when it all started we find ourselves back in Bossier City, Louisiana, the very projects from which he was born. This is where and when he had hooked up with his half-brother Hard Rock. Hard Rock was putting it down harder than almost everyone in Shreveport and Bossier City and when Blakfist had touched down his brother approached him about teaming up and forming a duo thus giving birth to their group "DEXX –N- HARD ROCK", also this was the planting of the seed that would grow into the Souljah to come. They started hitt’n up talent shows where ever possible and continue to write song after song and in the brief time they were together they had written enough songs to complete two full C.D.'s. Their back and forth, carefully timed delivery was reminiscent of their favorite duo of all time- RUN DMC, but their styles and concepts were definitely forged from the realities they faced in their everyday, individual struggles. One thing that was definitely obvious from the birth and that is the mix of west coast smoove and southern grime would be a hit amongst the locals. After about 10 months of ripping shit in the south, Blakfist had to pack it up and move back to the west coast. The reasons for his leaving had solely to do with the racial climate that brewed in the south at that time. It all started one morning; during down time at Bossier High School, there was a sudden crowd rush in the direction of the school parking structure. Like everyone else Blakfist was curious to know what all the fuss was about. As he moved closer to the ruckus he noticed 10 white guys in an all out brawl with 2 brothers and as he moved closer he noticed that the 2 brothers were 2 of his friends- NOW IT’S ON!!!! Blakfist jumped in and started swinging and after about 10 minutes of his version of ‘Fist Of Fury’ school officials, police and Channel 12 News were everywhere. What made this news headline was that the 10 White teenagers were from a gang called ‘Goat Ropers’- a White Aryan Nation by-product with pro KKK ideologies and a trailer park mentality. Shortly after the school incident and Blakfist running the risk of being kicked out of school, coupled with not wanting to bring his elderly grandmother any unneeded stress, Blakfist was on board an airplane headed back to the west coast, this time with something different. After spending his ‘important’ teen years in South Central his family rolled it up and moved north, to the San Fernando Valley, destination Pacoima and it is this city that he will represent and represent he did. Pacoima for Blakfist represented the citadel for street, gangster and realness more so than any other city in the San Fernando Valley. It is here where he and his uncle Eddie B. form their independent label To’e Ragg Recordz in 1988. With the aide of Charlie B. who had the musical and industry knowledge and Doctor Ice who was at that time heavy in the rap game as part of the trio ‘U.T.F.O.’ went to work on putting Blakfist in the streets. His first single hit the streets in 1988 entitled ‘Wanted’. At that time he was known as ‘Simply Dexx’ and it was a collaborated effort with Doctor Ice and Simply Dexx slammed a hit on the B-side called ‘The Wiz’ Blakfist has always been one who thirsts for knowledge and as you will learn that within his complexities lay a triune nature: street, political and spiritual that always needed to be fed and released to be free. The first personality in his triune nature is called Bro. Dexx who represents the political fire and being a very articulate speaker is the voice that echoes the cry that emits from the depths of despair that the inner city found itself demoralized to. He states in his book, “To a man in despair a Revolutionary is like a breath of fresh air. When you inhale the Revolutionary’s words and thoughts, your chest gets bigger, you now become a man ready to fight.” On the man that inspired his path, “On a secular level Malcolm X for me was the one reason I picked up my first book that was thought provoking and he was the inspiration behind my interest in reading on philosophy, revolution and politics. Here was a man that represented the worst level of a human being only to awaken, thru a spiritual awakening to become an icon in Black American culture.” Blakfist in those days was militant, almost to a fault. He let loose at every opportunity he could. From L.A. to the Valley at lectures and rallies he always felt he walked in the spirit of Malcolm X in the way he carried himself. The second personality was Blakfist whom we all know and love. He represents the rage; he is the verb of every sentence, the force behind the Uprizz movement. Blakfist headlined the solo album off his independent label Uprizz Records. The album titled ‘Vengenz Iz Mine’ was the anger and off spring of years of artistical frustration that laid dormant until the right time. It is a mix of political and street gospel rage with a touch of playalistic bravado. The third and final personality is Harlo Styles who represents more of the fashionable side or street side in the tri-union. Although he may use this name as his “non-governmental” alias as he likes to say it is however the name of his clothing line…still in production In 2001 all his hard work paid off. After much struggle he finally dropped his first album ‘Vengenz Iz Mine’ off his independent label Uprizz Records. This CD gives you a multiplicity of images of Blakfist due high and large to "I had a lot on my chest, though i wanted to touch peoples soul i also needed to address the naysayers and backstabbers that crossed me on the road to redemption." His sophmore release entitled " In A Momentz Time:7 yearz; 7 dayz- Tribulation" dropped 2006 can be best describe as a underground classic. This cd is filled with pain, redemption, love, power, delieverance. In his words, "this is my rap version of Marvin Gaye's- What's Goin On album." In the words of Blakfist,” I’m the person who you think you are. I will say what it is you feel you would say. I will do that which you feel you would do. I am your souljah, I will represent for you- I will not let you down, MARANATHA.”

Ya Souljah- Askari Hodari "KWE MUNGA" Blakfist