Blakfist the MC seems like a pretty complex person. His lyrics represent the thoughts of a spiritual street philosopher, angered political activist and militant revolutionary all wrapped in one. And his music is generally knowledge-based and socially conscious. Blakfist's style and flow are reminiscent of the likes of 2Pac and Scarface, and his production shows similiar influences of gangster beats with R&B and soul interludes. But what I like about Blakfist is that he seems to posess that street entrepreneureal spirit we discussed in the dead prez / outlawz review. A former South Central LA gang member and victim of the racial tensions of the deep South, Blakfist has transformed his life as the leader and motivator of Uprizz Records and their west coast underground movement; as an accomplished MC and record producer; and as the creator of an upcoming hip-hop clothing line. Overall, an entertaining and nostalgic listen that represents the viewpoints and opinions of a rapper who is attempting to take the negativity he has seen and transform it into conscious poetic thought.”

Hip Hop Linguistics